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Hi Lazyplane,

Thanks for your advices. Seems like you are in the civil service yourself? In fact you are pretty familiar with ACRA. Mind if i asked if you have worked there before? : P

I was told that its very long hours and don't expect to breeze your way through there. A lot of minutes taking, presentations, workloads.." it can be worse than working in the private sector" (sic)

I've asked a few friends of mine and they all replied that i'm not a 9-5 person, sitting behind a desk all day. And they said the pay is very standardised. mid year half month bonus, AWS, performance bonus 1-2.5 months in April. Increment is less than 10% every year. Is that true as per NWC guildlines?

i got a friend in HDB. She always haev to attend trainings like dragon boat sessions, sewing lessons! haha.

Now, thats training for you !!
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