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Originally Posted by Ex Educator View Post
In my humble opinion,you hit the nail on its head! Yes,no doubt doing well professionally is important but to watch the kids under your care grow up to be successful individuals is priceless. In a way,teachers are not considered to be successful by traditional societal standards but you make successful individuals out of them. In a way,I would love to have a proper job like teaching but I came out many years ago and it's no longer possible to rejoin due to my relative old age currently so now it is just some relief teaching to support the full time teachers whenever necessary and tuition classes in afternoons. But I have learned to be grateful and thankful especially in times like this. To all teachers out here,you have my utmost support,respect and keep doing the wonderful work in our kids and the rest will take care itself. Cheers and jia you!!
With a number of countries on lock down currently, people around the world are actually starting to realise what a difficult job we have daily when they have to home school their children :P This coming week is going to be a challenge with all the new measures being put in place but hang in there, we can get through this!

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