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Originally Posted by coldstew2k View Post
I found a job through the recruiter and I was hired directly with the company. I left the company less than 3 months, now the recruiter wants me to compensate 1 month salary (3k) to them. I will be attending the hearing in April. What are my chances?

The reason why I left was that the job does not suit me, i'm overly under qualified, nobody was training me as promised. The 1 month plus I was there, I was just staring into laptop trying to figure out rocket science literally. I was even questioned why i keep using the phrase "figure out" by my programming architect. Whenever I ask him for help or inputs he just shrug his shoulder. I worked with a team of Russians programmers. It could be cultural difference or they have no interest to train me. I even sourced for my own external training, cost approved by HR but my manager refuse to let me go. I feel like they are not keen to train me at all, thus my decision to leave.

Welcome constructive feedback.

you shouldn't have resigned but force them to fire you instead. then it wouldn't be on you to pay compensation
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