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I empathize with what you are going through as I am also in the same predicament. Have changed environment once but somehow due to my lack of carrying balls skills, I have always managed to step on others' toes. After which, whatever I did became useless. They gave me a lot of projects to do but made sure I had to do everything alone and then blamed it on me for not showing team spirit and good interpersonal skills. Basically once you have been blacklisted by those in favor, they will try ways and means to make life difficult for you and they will most likely succeed as they will have the support of the upper management.

It feels like although we always teach kids not to be bullies, the adults in the school exhibit the exact same behaviour and nothing is done to stop them. It is always easier for the upper management to side with the "popular" and vocal ones rather than the quiet ones like us.

In all my years in MOE (more than 10 years), I have always had a good relationship with the students and parents. It has always been the colleagues who make me feel demoralised and discouraged. So don't worry, you are not alone. What is your plan after leaving MOE?
This is so sad. MOE doesn't deserve you. Your passion is to teach; your passion isn't MOE. You can still fulfil your passion elsewhere!
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