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Default Dun fall into the pit

thought the passion will fuel your fire to be a teacher for life. After 7 years, you wonder if you made the right decision. Politics is true. Some Ps are just hopeless in dealing with it, sometimes even a part of it. I was overlooked despite working my socks off because the other was more senior and I was too young. seriously, they give lame excuses to give the position to the person they want. Becos you are young, they make you work like hell then say your runway long so give others a chance. sometimes I wonder how these people are chosen. Some teachers and KPs work very hard but the wayang ones tend to be ones promoted. best combi is wayang and hard working. my wayang skills sucks. so if u have this combi, go and teach. I used to think that trying my best to help the students get their distinctions are impt so i put in like crazy amt of time - but seems like unappreciated.

Don't let starting pay fool you. sounds high but the needle moves very slowly thereafter.

With all honesty, I regret joining the service.

From what I see, for every 10 teachers who leave, 7-8 of them are great. since it is comfortable and easy money for the some, they will forever be mediocre or less than mediocre becos they will never be fired. My advice: stay away from teaching if u believe only what they say in the moe adverts
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