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Originally Posted by MrGoat View Post
I have been jobless for 10 years now since dropping out of college ... Wish to find something meaningful to do ...
-why did you drop out?
-what did you do during these 10 years?
-if you wanted to you would have at least landed a job in fast food during those years. Why didnt you?
-having never held a job, can you bear the discipline of reporting to work every morning?
-can you take it if people at work politick and backstab etc.?
-can you take it when superiors yell at you or use unkind words?

Answer those to yourself honestly, and then go out and find a job with a humble attitude. Doesn't matter if your mum has been driving you around in her Porsche Cayenne, or that you travel with them on luxurious holidays. You must know that you currently are just a liability to your family and to society.

Be honest with yourself, be critical on yourself. Toughen up. Have the drive. You will eventually make it.

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