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Would like to ask current or ex fam med residents. Where do most of the fam med residents go after they graduate from the residency programme? Do they stay on in polyclinic/government hospitals like comm hosp/do sub spec like Geri or sports medicine/go private?
If they stay on in polyclinic or government institution, do they function like a Mo/junior Rp and what is the pay range like?

Just curious, coming from a junior (ho) who is interested in FM.
Current FM resident here.
Subspecializing from FM is rare and don't make much sense

Avaliable speciality are avaiation med, palliative, sports med, rehab med (newly added this year) and possibly Geri (I think might not accept anymore)
Geri and rehab are hospital speciality. U become a senior resident...and u got to do icu and reg calls. FM doesn't prepare u to do that. The only thing I am confident to do in code is to do cpr.
Also you application cycle is late becuase FM exit exams is in Nov. Compared to someone who finish IM training with u same year, u will enter the program when he finish senior resident year 2.
Aviation, sports med and palliative are not nationally run residency, but their intake rate is low.

FM pays competitively in public sector actually. Once u pass the u are a junior family physician, roughly like a registrar in hospital term. Net annual package in polyclinic is higher than a similar year senior resident even with their call allowance. To hit consultant in poly, u need to do fellowship, but consultant position are not a lot la, so there a ceiling as compared to a subspecializing , where u are a consultant by default.
But try to do a polyclinic posting first. Casemix is actually very varied and challenging. U cannot say I dun know, not my speciality and u need to see about 60 patients a day to hit quota. It's not fun. I finish the day at 430pm to 5pm, but my mind is numb for the rest of the night. Hospital posting while start early, still got time to drink kopi, zone out a bit here and there, chat up cute dieticians etc. . In Polyclinic ,patient keep coming at u like a train. Go home is buay Lin Chu.

For me..I can't do hospital jobs becuase calls kills me , with the weekend rounds, I feel like my life is gone. I cannot do this for 6 more years. . My lifespan shorten by few months whenever I go on call, hence I choose one that let me finish up with shortest amount of calls.
If I were in Australia where overall lifestyle is better..I definitely would have chosen a speciality...becuase end of day, despite what the goverment is blasting about, being good at one thing ,or specialist outtrumps a generalist from the point of the medical practitioner.
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