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Working at TTSH now. Leave is getting cancelled, everyone is getting activated for the wuhan mess.
Ridiculous situation esp with the pitiful bonus and zero gratitude the higher ups seem to be according to us
They are people who break bonds , esp if private sector buys them over. Can work out with private sector if they r interested in u.

Many roads lead to Rome.

In Sg, usually Drs who earn big money r in politics. Or business. Eg Dr Loo in RMG and Ministers like Dr Ng Eng Hen and Dr Vivian. But must get community support and be headhunted. They r good Drs, capable, hence headhunted by PAP. Of course must be Singaporean citizen also. There will be public uproar otherwise.

Now for the younger strawberry generation. My advice is know yr limits and take good care of yourselves.

Burnout is real esp when u have a family and get older.

Build a strong network in your fraternity. Drs in Sg need a better union. Someone to stand up for our rights and speak on our behalf. SMA doesn't seem to be doing that. Maybe, we r trained to be obedient from young, that's why. But if something is really wrong and u feel strongly then get peer support and present yr case. But of course the fear is CECA and cheap labour from Malaysia and India waiting to take over our place if we protest too much.

That is how PAP controls us. Through fear, cause we r replaceable.

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