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Hey guys, all the best to those who are still in the process of getting selected! I had benefited a lot from this forum and would love to give back. This is just a rough timeline based on my experience.

Psychometric Test - Week 1
Interview - Week 3
Site Preview - Week 4

After PT, HR will send your resume to the hiring managers and if you are shortlisted for an interview, HR will then email to notify you. After the interview stage and if you are selected for the site preview, it's pretty fast. You will receive a call and followup email from the unit itself. At the site preview, you get to meet your future colleagues and future workplace.

But I am unsure how long does it take from after site preview to receiving a verbal offer from HR? I understand that there were several potential candidates at the site preview, each at a different time slot. Anyone can fill me in?
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