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Originally Posted by Sayonara View Post
Hi everyone!
I'm a medical student located in Sweden and I'm getting close to finishing school and getting my medical degree.
I've visited Singapore before and I enjoy the country a lot. At least from a tourist perspective.

I wonder how is the general life as a physician in Singapore?
In Sweden, doctors usually work 5 days per week and spend maybe 9-10 hours at work daily. How much you have to work at night depends on what specialization your doing but you always get the "day off" after a night shift.

Salary is approx (singapore dollars):

After receiving license: 5000
Specialist program (working towards becoming a specialist): 6300
Specialists: 9200 - 12000

By law, everyone gets AT LEAST 4 weeks free from week during the year. This does not include holidays like christmas etc. Those days are usually free off work or give a lot of extra salary.


As far as I've heard, most doctors in Singapore work far longer hours and more days than 5 days a week. But this seems to apply to a lot of countries outside of Scandinavia.
How are the salaries?

Thankful for any information about this.
Also, is it possible to work in Singapore only speaking English?

Our specialists earns more. I do see some Swedish profs working in Singapore. I think that is how we manage to attract them with a higher pay. Sweden pay structure is very fair And egalitarian.

Singapore side there are a lot of low wage workers and no universal healthcare. Higher GINI coefficient. But rewards the strong and enterprising.
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