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Hi everyone!
I'm a medical student located in Sweden and I'm getting close to finishing school and getting my medical degree.
I've visited Singapore before and I enjoy the country a lot. At least from a tourist perspective.

I wonder how is the general life as a physician in Singapore?
In Sweden, doctors usually work 5 days per week and spend maybe 9-10 hours at work daily. How much you have to work at night depends on what specialization your doing but you always get the "day off" after a night shift.

Salary is approx (singapore dollars):

After receiving license: 5000
Specialist program (working towards becoming a specialist): 6300
Specialists: 9200 - 12000

By law, everyone gets AT LEAST 4 weeks free from week during the year. This does not include holidays like christmas etc. Those days are usually free off work or give a lot of extra salary.


As far as I've heard, most doctors in Singapore work far longer hours and more days than 5 days a week. But this seems to apply to a lot of countries outside of Scandinavia.
How are the salaries?

Thankful for any information about this.
Also, is it possible to work in Singapore only speaking English?
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