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My subject is music. Specialization which means I only have 1 CS. Because of this, many people are unhappy saying oh, we don't have to set papers/remedials/supplementary or others.
But we do have 40, min.38 teaching periods, of cos lesson planning is norm since we don't really have a strict followed SOW and we have to come out with our own lessons. CCA and to cover teachers for duties - since they think we are very free.
We need to do relief at times too
Many comments of music teachers are just singing, lesson is easy and karaoke session. It is sad to hear that. I am very motivated to teach pupils, happy to see them daily but when back to office... I feel so different.

I read that older officers get jaded... this feeling isn't good and I can slowly feel that everyone here is fighting upwards high, and snatch every piece of the things you wish to be part of it. Is it true/happening in other schools too?
The thing is we cannot stop others from saying what they want to say. There is also no need for you to stop them. Senior officers and school leaders will know that everyone, regardless of their teaching subjects, have their workload assigned according to their substantive grade.

As a music teacher, there are many ways for you to show your contribution. E.g. try to voice out your interest in joining the aesthetics com. You can help prepare students for performances or create programmes for Aesthetics.

Other than teaching your subject well, you can also try to infuse learning of values through music lessons. When your students have shown improvement in values, it will look good on you too.

Also, as a teacher, you would also have a form class and CCA students to influence. Make positive impact on the studentsí learning and you will do alright.

Once you have some strategies for your success, you can then do a sharing with your colleagues. Invite them to your lessons to see how you impart values through your subject.

I donít subscribe to the belief that everyone is snatching a piece of something. In this field, there are endless things a teacher can do/innovate. What is important is that we do it with the right intent. When you do things right with the right intent, there will be opportunities for you to shine.

Additionally, there isnít a need to compare about senior officers getting jaded. Understand that everyone is at a different life stage and will view career differently.

Just do your best! Press on!
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