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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
What happens if we skip chain of command?
Will they send us to dB?
Of course you will not be given warning letter or anything drastic. BUT you will be viewed differently. You will be viewed as an impulsive officer who just wants to make himself/herself heard and someone who does not know how to honour ranks. (I am not saying that all our bosses are reasonable and they listen.) However, we as sensible officers must learn what it means by organisational structure. We donít anyhow skip ranks when we want to give feedback. There is a process. Follow it it you are a sensible and mature officer.

You should only escalate upwards when you have done your due duty and your RO is not helping.

Remember, even though there is an need for us to speak up for ourselves, follow organisational structure and be a mature officer. No one will look highly of officers who does not understand humility and organisational structure. You may be competent but lack EQ in this area.
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