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No subject is useless. Every subject has a purpose. What subject do you teach? Perhaps we can offer some ideas on how you can show that you are doing well?

Yes, take the initiative to speak to your RO if you would like stretched assignments. Sometimes, stretched assignments are not given because of other areas of concern. E.g. officer is still struggling with T&L or classroom management. Another consideration is length of service of officer. If you are 1-2 years into service, it is unlikely that you will be put to head a committee or project. However, do speak to your RO if you feel that you are capable of doing it. (Just note that it is still unlikely for a young officer to be First IC. Maybe 2nd IC?)

If your RO is unable to give you a reasonable explanation, you can also seek advice from your SLs. Do note that SLs are not unreasonable bosses. They are there to help officers grow as well. However, you must first speak to your RO. Never ever skip hierarchy. Only go to the next level if you tried speaking to your RO but get a non satisfactory answer.
What happens if we skip chain of command?
Will they send us to dB?

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