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Is it worth it to convert from secondary school teacher to primary school instead?

I was cross-level deployed. After my HQ stint, all of us are 'highly encouraged' to go primary schools. As a KP, I would say workload in primary school is heavier. But just be humble and take a learner stance.

The PB I received last year was 3.75 (I am a SEO1) for the work done in 2018, which happen to be my first year as a primary school teacher. This is for the large volume of work I did. (I never worked like this before in secondary schools - Hahaha). Nonetheless, even I worked just as hard in a secondary school, this is the PB which I would never get in a secondary school.

So I would say not all is bad in primary schools. However, do note that once you decided to go primary schools, the chances of you going back to secondary schools/JCs are very low.

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