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Originally Posted by kothi View Post
Anyone please please guide me on this....I Got an offer with NCS $6800 salary for the position Lead software engineer with P3 grade. I am asking for more salary, are they flexible enough to offere more salary?

I just wanted to check how does the promotion works in NCS ? Is it easy enough to get promoted as PM as I have 3 years of PM experince with overall 9 years of software expernce? After promotion how much will the salary differs?
Not easy to get promoted after P3 grade. Alot of ppl get stuck in P3/P4 Grade until they retire. To move up after that is more about managing your manager and your manager's manager.

6800 is not really that high for someone with 12 yrs of experience tbh as their bonuses is not that high. Could negociate for higher base pay instead since there is a chance you will get no bonus which happen for last year for alot of people since company not doing well

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