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Default Stock analysis and valuation model

I have built a model to make analyzing a stock easier for me. It puts a companyís performance for me into perspective by visualizing the data and ratios from past 10 yearsí financial reports. It even calculates the intrinsic values using various valuation models. It is all done within just 3mins from data mining to production of the report. I have share a sample for Apple (AAPL) at the end of this post. Could you let me know what you think?

Before I have created this model from a BI software, I faced these pain points when researching on stocks:

Analyzing a stock used to be a tedious and cognitive draining process at the quantitative level. To understand the companyís track record, I often had to look at the financial statements (Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements) from past 10 years. Very often, I find myself cross-analyzing the different reports and across publications of different years to grasp the state the company. A smart investor would compile the 10-year data or find a website that provides it to make your analysis easier. Even so, the real work has only just started. I used to find myself spending hours calculating the various ratios (current ratio, debt to equity ratio, etc.) as they were not provided. Also. I used to mentally visualize and infer information from the number mentally. Frankly, I donít enjoy this process.

When looking for bargain stocks, I used to ponder over the intrinsic value of the stock I love and had pour my money into an over-valued stock. What use is the concept of margin of safety when you donít even know its intrinsic value, right? After learning the application of the valuation models, I find myself taking hours to calculate the intrinsic values as it involves extraction of pertinent numbers from financial sites and financial reports, calculations, and double checking my math. Thankfully, I have now automated the math in the model.

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