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through trial n error, i had to ask for $800 less from my last drawn full-time salary b4 employers would even grant me interviews.

my last drawn was close to mid-3k per month. im in my mid-30s and local diploma holder here.

sent close to 60 to 70 job applications and landed with 4 to 5 interviews.

fingers crossed, i hope i can land a full-time job b4 christmas.
Looks like we are quite similar.

I am a Diploma holder, aged 40 with my last drawn salary around 5k-6k (Senior Engineer) in my previous job before co-founding a company with some backing from existing customers some 4 years ago.

It hasn't work out as what I had plan since I couldn't get a feasible size loan for company expansion.

These days, I have to lower my salary demands to 3k and below in order to get any chance for a job interview.
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