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Hi guys,

I am graduating with an accountancy degree from NTU with second upper honours. I don't know what are my options... my CV is not impressive with only 1 6 months internship at a tech company as a finance intern and also an audit internship in one of the big 4.

I think my resume couldn't qualify for any banks and I am lost on what to apply or what are my options available.

Can I even qualify for any management programs?

Can anyone advise me please?
Hey! Please just apply for those management programs and banks. Leave the question of whether you are qualitified or not up to the interviewers. Don't sell yourself short, and don't be the first hurdle to your own career. In other words, don't be the first one to say 'No' to yourself (:

It is impressive that you have a second uppers in an accountancy degree from NTU. You also have 2 internships, with experience in both finance in a tech company and audit in a big 4, which is great! Now, you just have to find a way to sell your skills in the context of finance in banks. Find out why you want to work in the finance positions in banks, and find answers to bridge your current skill set to those positions. Feel free to talk to recruiters on linkedin to find more information about the jobs and their responsibilties - this allows you to find answers to the abovementioned question, and shows initiative on your part!
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