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Aiyo, as someone who have worked with both SIM-UOL and local uni grads, it is appalling to be seeing this kind of behavior in this thread. Both of the groups bashing each other, for what? End up we are still contributing to the same economy, eating the same macdonald's, and watching the same sunset. Have a bit of humility and treat each other with respect!

Try to put this into perspective! Imagine your little brother just spent 2 years studying and grinding for a degree that has little to no value comes to you and say "Eh kor/zeh, my degree useless cause literally anyone can get. How ah?". Of course you are not going to say "Eh you useless la, why go that school / go earn 2.5k / go work insurance" right? You are going to shower him with words of encouragement, so why not do the same here??

The facts are quite clear:
- A 2-year private degree will never equate to a 4-year local degree.
- Your starting pay will be lower than those who graduated from a local uni.
- Your starting career path will be limited in terms of opportunities.

HOWEVER, what you do after you get your first job depends on you, and not your degree! If you grind hard enough, you might even do as well as your fellow graduates from a local uni. If you do REALLY well, you can even be the next Mr. Show-Cpf-Statement!

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