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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Nowadays be gp get screwed by TPA.
Stay in hosp get screwed by hosp management.
So it is between a rock and a hard place.
Nowadays I also donít know why so many people still want to be Doctors.
1. Almost 0% chance of specialise
2. Stay in hospital work like dog get paid like **** get treated like ****
3. Go outside same thing as 2, but with TPA and Private medical groups.

With the grades for medicine you can just get into dentistry or computer science and live a comfortable stress free life. Donít need worry this worry that. Donít need take this exam take that exam, see people get dragged into the hospital at 3am while ur on call with a severe trauma or internal bleeding.

Itís a matter of time before the general public realises that those that are sitting comfortably in Mount Elizabeth are from the stone ages and not representative of current day Doctors. Itís gonna be like China where no one in their right mind would want to get into medicine. Then good luck to NUS and NTU when start accepting international students into medical school.
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