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You mean nowadays cannot get jobs as gp? Can I check what speciality does sg actually need?(I.e which are the ones that there will be jobs available?)
Finally, can I check what is the timeline for getting full reg (from conditional) if you don't fail any posting. I see some of my seniors getting it in 2-3 years, some getting it only after 6-7 years.. (despite them being outstanding in their work, i.e got A for their posting, was nominated as best mo etc)

Tbh this C.Reg is meant to level the field for IMGs and Local grads. They can use it as an excuse to keep you in the system for as the same length as if a local grad takes to finish his bond. Which is unfair when you look at the school fees you are paying and the school fees that they are paying.

Iím intending to specialise, so it really doesnít bother me. I would see why people would find faults with it. Especially when it delays you from being able to enter private practice where you could potentially pull quite bit locuming
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