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hi all
pay for this grad program depends on your class of honours (irregardless if local or overseas degree)

1st class - 4.4k
2nd upper - 3.8k
2nd lower - 3.3k
not sure about pay for 3rd class and below

start of program includes 3 weeks training and 1 week overseas training (usually go to KL)

this program is good if you applying to all divisions except ops & tech division (O&T)

the tech division sucks especially... if you come in late and tap in at 9:01am an email will be sent to your supervisor saying you are late.. and guess who does your appraisals?? (your supervisor duh!)

there's also of sai kang to do such as planning for events and even for CNY the O&T in this program have to train and perform lion dance during CNY (like seriously they make fresh grads do lion dance when other divisions just hire external parties to dance)

my advice is this program is decent if you are NOT joining O&T. if you are applying to O&T i urge you to reconsider and would advice you apply to other banks which have similar pay/programs but dont have so much non-value adding sai kang to do.

however understand that job market now not so good... so if really no choice then coming here is better than not having a job.

anyway have been here in the tech dept for 2 years and am really sick of this place..constantly reorg.. tons of bureaucratic red tape.. always coming back on weekends to deal with issues etc etc
yesterday was my last day officially with the bank. am saying all this so that at least future grads will have all this information before deciding to join O&T, and hopefully not make the same mistake i did. for those applying to non-O&T should be fine and program is same as other banks
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