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Ask any doctors and you will realise how poorly paid we are especially when compared to the hours and stress that comes from the job. We spend 70-80 hours a week earning just above 5k a month. Entry army personnel earns as much as us but works probably half our working hours and dont have to deal with patient, patients family, all the responsibility and stress. I know I'm not cut out to be a doctor. That's why I am thinking of doing something else
you are only 26, so i can assumed you just started.. which job, whoever just started had easy way of life? if you start off as an engineer, you are probably working off your ass, earning only 3k.. if you started off as banker, you will also clock crazy hours.. thats how way of life is.. u earn through your experience, and apprenticeship.

once you are experience, or probably become a specialist.. your pay will be so much higher than normal CS folks.. if you managed to start your own specialist firm, you could hire staff that can reduce your load, and yet bring you in tonnes of money..

at 26 year old you already say tire.. what about 62 yr old then?

not all post in CS is slack.. you start low grade, you also get to do lots of nonsense work, not including CCA~

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