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Monthly advertising is around $8000. Cars is important to drive clients from property to property. Clothing must present an air of success. Constant competition from veterans and newbies as entry level is so low. Just the monthly upkeep of this business is intense. Breaking into the circle of the rich is also extremely difficult, which leaves you with the upper middle-class clients. After all the networking, you will most likely earn one commission from them and that is it.

My classmate has to do 3 jobs to survive this industry. He is still trying to build up his network. Grab driving to cover the car, tuition to cover expenses, and property agent with the hopes of making it big. It is not an easy line.
Ya correct. The advertising is insane. Google ads, property gurus, fb, . + traditional flyers.

Very tough work. Those that succeed earns big bucks though

Luck plays a part too. Some clients are time waster. Some just buy on first viewing
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