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Originally Posted by TypicalFarmer View Post
i'm currently holding a government-related job, earning 100k p.a all in. is it crazy to want to switch to selling property? are there any stats on median annual commission rates?

How can I gain access to selling landed property or do all agents need to start from selling smaller HDB flats?

I have a wealth of experience in sales, digital marketing, photography, videography and thought it'd be a good fit for the industry.

comments welcome!
That sounds like a very good income. Not knowing how old you are but if you're young still, it's a great pity to leave an iron rice bowl and good pay isn't it?

some of my friends who joined the industry failed cos it's really very self-initiative driven. some do well and enjoy the trade cos they love meeting people. So it's all up to your own personality also..

i considered as well before but no guts to switch to no basic salary jobs.. bills to pay, mouths to feed.

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