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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My observation from MNCs hiring and even public sectors, you seen recruiting of people who are not skilled in the area just because he or she knows the hiring manager. Yes experience is good however in Singapore context it is still who you know. Look into the LinkedIn and JP Morgan profiles and you understand it is who you know and whether he trust you. Don’t buy into the transferability of skills too much, this isn’t what is happening in the industries.
I know what you mean. I have friends who gotten top jobs from people they met at a club one night (they are guys, if it matters). Lol. I am working on the people networking bit - because i know most things aren't very difficult to pick up, it's whether people see you as someone whom they can work with on a daily basis.

Also addressing the post above, I am not planning to dive into a marketing executive role for e.g. that pays 2.5k and is targeted at fresh grads or even uni interns, when I have accumulated PQE in a different field. It's a bit dumb to 'start afresh' - you wonder if you have truly wasted the days in law you did. That's why I am trying to find that area of work where my legal experience can matter - not omitting consulting/advisory work in my job search.
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