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Hi, 30+ yo Singaporean male seeking genuine advice from the 40s-60s age group here. Professional finance job making 100k pa. Currently deciding between chasing two very different girls. First girl is diploma holder, secretary role, 小女人 type and submissive, earning 40k pa. Second girl is degree holder, a colleague in a similar role and ~100k pa pay (different office), career-minded, a little opinionated. I'm not big on looks, its just the personalities I'm interested in to form a family with. Both seem receptive to my wooing.

For those who has decades of married life experience, which girl would give a better shot at a successful and happy life in SG? I had NS friends who are happily married to foreign kampung-types brides and also some unhappy with marrying high-achieving types despite living in condos and driving conti cars. Thanks for sharing your life advice.
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