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Default Calculated risks in exploring

The word underemployment comes when one is earning much lesser than he should be. I have done one professional for 20s year and I am looking at the recent hype of re-skilling from data perspective. I have gone through the work skill initiative and the transformation roadmap and ask myself - reskill is fine if I move from one role pays of 10 to another one that pay at 8k. However it makes no sense to move from 10k to 2k at all. The one size fit all is just to ensure all have work to do and not really starve to dead.

In the past, while I have a full time job, I will learn to reskill myself over weekend. It doesnít make sense to lose your opportunities cost in area you are skilled in, and move into area you arenít not. It doesnít means you canít be successful. However, the probability is against you.
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