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PS: I've been in SG for more than 10 years and I've NOT even bothered to apply for PR.
This country has got too many narrow-minded asses, so I will be here ONLY until Tuition
Grant bond ends in 3 years. Sayonara, Singapura.
Yup narrow-minded asses who provided you a good job in spite of your terrible grades (in a nation supposedly so fixated on grades no less) and yet you couldn't help yourself but bite the hand that feeds you. Never mind you want to leave, that's your prerogative but to in the same stroke tarnish the people who gave you a chance, to elevate your own ego, just reeks of ungratefulness even if you had been privy to a number of incidents that you felt unjustly done by. What? Did someone physically assault you bcz you're not from around here? Killed/raped your relative/friend perhaps? Destroyed your property?

And yet, here I try to convince myself and others that the problem is not the people that we are welcoming into our country, just the policies that need to be called into question. Its loose statements like these that paint foreigners in a bad light, that make it difficult for neutrals to accept others like you. I really hope people take your opinions with a bag of salt. The sooner you leave the better.
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