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Default Fellow engineerring grad

hey man...
to tell the truth, i got just 'PASS' grade upon graduation too (2.00- 2.99).

However, i've secured a job with top-tier investment bank's IT department, whose salary
offered was above the Graduate Employment Survey 75th percentile...

They MAY have looked at my grades, however, I passed their numerical & psychometric
tests, and were given a chance at interviews (4 rounds at that).

SO, all i'm saying is: don't close your doors. Apply for whichever job you would WANT
to work at and work with.


PS: I've been in SG for more than 10 years and I've NOT even bothered to apply for PR.
This country has got too many narrow-minded asses, so I will be here ONLY until Tuition
Grant bond ends in 3 years. Sayonara, Singapura.
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