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Is it really that bad for SG doctors? Most of us have the impression that doctors earn alot though. Mind sharing more on your annual compensation and experience?
I guess he’s not wrong when talking about concrete earnings. But if you factor in things like taxes which is higher in America and malpractice insurance, I would say it is about the same. So in a way it makes sense to compensate Doctors more in America since if they’re earning the same as if they’re in Singapore, then they would more or less be earning peanuts. If you calculate the income tax rate through online US tax calculators you would find that the take home pay is just max 130k+ for family physician and if you factor in the malpractice insurance, the number further drops by a significant amount. So on paper it is good, but in reality, the numbers adds up both in Singapore and America I would say.

There was a Canadian doctor here in the recent pages, yes he works like 4 days a week and earns a good amount. Consultant Doctors (excluding a significant minority) would tend to enjoy such a life.

To me, as long as you’re a decent doctor who has his intentions in the right place, would do well for himself in any first world country. Including Singapore.
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