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Not true. To qualify for specialist in singapore, you need to hold to relevant qualifications from singapore, uk, australia, america or canada, or europe.

Post graduate training from non western country is not recognised. As such there are ZERO specialist doctors from less developed countries who are specialist in singapore.

There are many foreign doctors from less developed countries who are practising in specialist in their home countries but is willing to do non specialist work in singapore is because of money.

Sg pays better

The reason few caucasian specialist from foreign countries is because western country pays better.

So at end of day is $$$.

If we accept specialist qualifications from the world the local docs will complain. But international practice usually is insular and protective
I would say American Doctors work as hard as us, but have about 2-3x the pay. Singapore Docs all pay like **** and work like ****. Very pathetic since we’re also taking docs from third world that use us as a backup in case they can’t make it to first world countries like America and Australia. The only thing going for us is lower tax rates but there’s no point when you’re paid like **** anyways.

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