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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
31 this year.

Mindef 7 years, private 3 years and just started in CS in August. 4.3k MX 12.

Studied part time degree while in mindef.

Does this consider average for a farmer?

My current work place only have 50 personnel. My department 3 manager and 1 SAD. Quite a niche department in CS context.

I doubt my increment and bonus is going to be good.

Probably have to move out to other ministry or sb right?
im from MHA and most non-uniformed civilian degree holders that i know of around your age (early-30s) are earning 5k to 6.5k. their degrees were obtained from universities ranked top 200 in the QS Uni World Rankings 2020, with the exception of SMU.
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