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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Top lawyers >> top doctors

Average lawyers > average doctor

Mediocre lawyer < mediocre doctor

Where > is greater than and < is lesser than.

The standard deviation of doctor income is narrower.

Every medical graduate has a job even the mediocre ones, pays about 5k.
On the other hand lawyers may not even get tc especially for the mediocre ones.

However, good things dont last. A few years in, a senior associate will usually earn as much as a restructured hosp consultant.

When the top lawyer becomes partner, his/her pay is also more than that of a enterprising specialist in pte practice.

So it depends whether are average or not. Average choose medicine. Great calibre law is better
Law is better in general.

Also the top earners in Law are WAY out in front of doctors. Even the PAP ministers don't use doctors salaries as part of their benchmark for their own salaries. But they do use Lawyers salaries.
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