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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
i deserve to fail- ran out of time today and barely answered the last question. even though the weight was clearly in the first question which i answered (and the second ques), what are my odds of passing?

anyone messed up part b exams and still passed?
Hi donít worry too much about it. I took the exams last year.

I took ACP which required us to answer all 4 questions and to pass all 4 questions.
However I read a question wrongly and answered it completely wrongly - it was dramatically bad - my friends thought I had a good chance to fail that also.
Thought I would fail, but I still passed.

The examiners would take a look at the entirely of the paper before they decide whether to fail you. If you have shown competence in ur other questions , they will likely not fail you. In any case, from what I understand, the failing of a candidate is a multi stage process. The first marker would have to fail you first, and then to the subject coordinator, and then to the Part B head (at least this is what I heard - canít be determinatively verified).

So donít be overly worried.
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