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Red face Don't think you can make it big.

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Good luck to u. Keep hoping and looking forward. Dont be a slave to your pay n bonus and always hoping to be paid higher than before. Be in control of your life and of your finance. Look for other avenues to live your life. Definitely can be free. But medical and likewise just prep your own insurance. Im quiting next year as i believe 2020 is good year to start changing your life.


Be back here when Election starts. Take care ppl!
Money who doesn't like? You continue living on your empty dreams, signing up for those what ecommerce courses that are rampant now online. Be entrepreneur, Youtubber or don't know what life coaches.

My point of saying this is you have your choice on how you live, and I have mine. Don't judge other people based on your narrow mind. As long as not harm or rob others, why can't I be a loyal civil servant. Don't trash others la you.

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