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Most doctors in Canada do not have a pension (unless they are employed directly by the hospital). They are independent contractors that bill the government for their services.

When unemployed, Canadians get employment insurance because they paid into it while they are employed.

Agree that blue collar jobs are poorly paid in SG compared to north american/european countries. Sportsman in Canada can't make much either unless you're Olympic level like Patrick Chan

While facing less academic pressure, children growing up in Canada have to deal with other stressors. There is strong peer pressure to use substances such as alcohol, weed or other illicit substances which are easier to come by, especially the first two items since they are legal.

I think one important but often overlooked factor is SG's safety. In SG, the crime rates are so low (even petty crimes) and homeless are few. I do not fear if my children stay out later in the evening in SG compared to Canada. Although violent crime rates in Canada are low, petty crime is actually quite high. I would be afraid if my children stayed out later in the evening. The homeless population is significantly larger and more visible in Canada than SG too.
There is something called Old Age Pension that everyone gets. You get $613.58 monthly.

Sports? I think the big difference is you can win the Olympic Gold with Canada than with Singapore!

I agree the laws on crime in Canada are very lax. And criminals will want to give it a try. The Police also cannot be bothered with loss of property without injury.

So "safety" when it comes to being attacked and injured or killed.....I'd say it is still safe in Canada. But theft and hit and run etc is very common and goes unpunished.

The whole drug thing in Canada is a problem. But I think it goes with upbringing. You will find that it is more prevalent in certain ethnic groups and social strata.

Marijuana is very safe. Way safer than ETOH. It is over played as a damaging drug.

mark my words Cannabis will be the next wave of pharmaceuticals in the industry. We will be moving towards sublingual tablets, fast release. No more inhaled vape or smoke.

dr canuckbub
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