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Not him, but donít forget, you still get a pension. You get free healthcare. Cars and houses are cheaper there and houses are all freehold. When you are unemployed the government takes care of you, thats something to think about. Your children can do whatever they want when they grow up there, unlike here where everyoneís scrambling to get into medicine or settle for engineering/business/IT, literally one can become a plumber and make a comfortable living. Can be a sportsman for a living if oneís good and passionate in it. Have you seen how much professional hockey players earn from Canada? Donít have to serve 2 years compulsory military service. Donít have to deal with stresses of a rat race at a young age. Singapore is literally rat race since day 1. Only problem I see in Canada is that some places have majority white people so you may feel uncomfortable no longer being the majority race.

Best is send your kid to Singapore to struggle for their growing years, pay the education yourself so donít have NS obligation. Then send him back to Canada back to sheltered life to thrive with his acquired work ethic from Singapore. Going from Singapore to Canada is like PRC to Singapore, they come here excel in our system and use their good grades to apply for Oxbridge.

A lot of kids come here to study till they finish secondary school then send to UK to study. Get good grades in UK, where they donít need to work as hard (eg competing in an asian dominated strong work culture environment) where UK grades are viewed the same as SG grades, despite differing bell curves. Then advance to Oxbridge, where in SG they may not get the same grades as they have in UK. Singapore is hard because you are fighting with ASEAN scholars who are smart and grew up in less affluent environments and are motivated and learn to work really hard to get out of their situation to find a better life so naturally, since we take so many in elite schools, it tends to push the curve up abit.

I know a friend who sent his kid to study in UK when she just finished her O levels. Sheís currently studying in LSE now, not for me to say if she can still do the same here if she continued in Singapore. But still itís something to think about. Of course, One could say if one canít perform in a unforgiving environment (Singapore) how can one take on positions of high responsibility? (Eg Medical Doctors). In Singapore, at least for most, the main emphasis is on academic success, we train that very well, but we forget other facets of life like character building, which is actually very important, with the extra time free from studying and the environment that encourages one to follow their passion, both directly, other pathways in life are financially sustainable (eg sports) and indirectly, the society doesnít have a stigma against non practical pathways (eg must be an engineer/lawyer/doctor). It teaches children to look past the $$ and appreciate the finer things in life like purpose and passion. Lots of people become a plumber, a farmer or an electrician and they make a decent living, but can the same be said here?

Even our own Doctors, we havenít done a good job in choosing them. All we have are interviews and admission tests. But we donít require community service which USA and Canada looks at before we admit doctors to medical school. Students can just get the grades apply and speak about why they want to be Doctors without any basis or experience to root their judgement on, how can their word be taken if they havenít observed how itís like to be a doctor.
Hi I'm the canada doctor. Call me dr canuckbub. For a while I tried to be dr ozbloke. But the Oz plan didnt pan out.

Are you practicing outside of Singapore?
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