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$350k annual income, after tax would be $217K/annum (~$18k/month). I don't think this is that different from GPs in private practice here?

Do you find that your spending power is higher in SG or CAN?
I have no idea how much the average GP in Singapore private market makes now. Is it $20k/month? That's higher than 10 years ago for sure.

Cost of living. In general the big ticket items like car and housing is 5 times cheaper here in Alberta than in Sinkieland. A new Toyota Corolla is about $20k. A 2nd hand Toyota RAV4 is about $25k. My single family walk out basement (3 levels of living space) with mountain view cost me $760k in 2013.

So if you count the modest 3-4 times cheaper cost of living here, your earnings has to multiplied accordingly.

Not to mention some thing money CANNOT buy. Eg every weekend during winter we go to the Rockies to ski. During summer we kayak and hike most weekends.

And THE WEATHER! Nice and cool. Dry. Not the hot humid hell like conditions in Sinkieland. My kids (I have 4 aged 18,17,12 and 2) all love it here!
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