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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi, can I find out the consequences of receiving C- in two subsequent years?
I have received 1 month PB, despite C-.

My school did not warn me before getting a C- and after C- for two years. I was a newbie but have since left the school.
Left the school but still in the ministry? Apart from no promotion for 3 years, it might affect re-employment should you quit the service and decided to be flexi later on.

Most of the times, your RO would have communicated to you about the likelihood of a C- before ranking, unless your C- was only determined after things started surfacing during the ranking sessions. Nevertheless, you would know the afi and should have worked on them. So getting two consecutive C- is an indicator that you did not do things right or simply you might not be suitable for teaching. But I have seen JHs who got out of that situation after getting two C-. So not all hopes are lost.
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