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I am extremely angry because they are taking the CS for granted. How many times since late last year they made us do extra, over and on top, work late and weekends to rush things for certain persons, and now treat us like we can "cope" with the low payout. As if we were one of the superscalers.

Many degree holders are earning $3-4+k with families to support and mortgages to pay. This, along with the way they made a spectacle of out teachers with the carpark debacle shows how they really regard us. We are taken for granted.

I have been voting for 1 party for my whole life and defending them no matter what others said. No longer. Nothing stings harder than this betrayal.
So entitled. Dont feel appreciated in your job then just change job like the rest of us in private sector, instead of whining about the PAP. So strange that the government is whining about the government. The rest of us dont have such a privilege. When we don't like our job we no choice but to look for new one.

CS performance this year has been quite lacking too. Look at all the ways they dropped the ball. You think the PMD riders whose jobs you have took away are happy? And dont try to siam and say its the politicians' fault, we all know public servants contribute and make these decisions too. Only in CS you will see these kind of entitlement. F up so many times but still somehow expect bonus. Your performance shouldnt be based on how many hours you work, but the results from what you do.
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