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Hard work is compensated through your performance bonus and annual increment (assuming a non adverse grade). The mid and end year bonuses (excluding 13 month) is given based on Singapore economic performance. If SG earns less then we also earn less lor. When we budget our personal finances, have to assume that certain income are variable so adjust accordingly. All the best.

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I am extremely angry because they are taking the CS for granted. How many times since late last year they made us do extra, over and on top, work late and weekends to rush things for certain persons, and now treat us like we can "cope" with the low payout. As if we were one of the superscalers.

Many degree holders are earning $3-4+k with families to support and mortgages to pay. This, along with the way they made a spectacle of out teachers with the carpark debacle shows how they really regard us. We are taken for granted.

I have been voting for 1 party for my whole life and defending them no matter what others said. No longer. Nothing stings harder than this betrayal.

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