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Not true that CS is more open to those in 50s. At 40plus, I had a taste of age discrimination

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Engineering is a widely accepted "passport" into many industries. Fun Fact: 80% of Engineering students don't enter the Engineering industry. For your mundane 8-5pm requirement, I will say it is not easy. Most white-collar jobs don't end on time and require OT without pay. I went for an interview at Keppal Shipyard and they tell me upfront that the job states 8-5 for engineers. The FT workers working under you work from 8am-8pm. So the engineers stayed till 8pm.

The most likely job that suits your requirement is food analyst under the study of Chemical Engineering. I know a friend doing food testing for AVA. Every day, she has to test 100 food samples coming into Singapore. It is mundane enough, report to work, start testing, and fill up the reports. By the time you finish 100 samples, the timing is just nice, it is 5pm. She has since moved on to the private sector and her life is even easier. Private sector doesn't have so much testing. Most of the time, she has nothing to do and just waiting for samples to come in.

Accountancy is a high-stress job. You will be constantly under pressure to sign off on accounts that are false. One NTU lecturer spoke on this issue during her lesson. She shared that her hands were trembling when her boss placed the fake report in front of her. If she sign off on the report, she will face prison time if the authorities found out. She quited and joined NTU.

The good thing about civil service is job security, but there are tons of OT. You are more or less recession-proof, and you don't have to worry about age discrimination. You will understand this point very keenly when you reach your 50s. Banking sector has an interestingly "young" workforce. Where did all the old people in banking go? The same thing is happening in many industries. Once you reach a certain age, they will replace you with someone who is cheaper and younger. Many people in their mid-forties tried to transfer to the CS, because they can sense the purge is coming. The bad thing about CS is that there are too many people applying. It is difficult to get in.
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