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Hi guys, good day to you. Iím a fresh graduate degree holder in chemical engineering technology (Iím a Malaysian). I just got the interview invitation at HarbourFront Tower from ExxonMobil for Operations Technician. Iíve read through the forum thread and Iíve some questions tho, Iím seeking for some kind souls to enlighten me.

1. Will ExxonMobil cut the pay for foreigners? The current pay I saw from the past thread said that itís around 1800 to 2000 SGD basic with around 1000 SGD shift allowance, 3 months AWS and VB.

2. Iím aware that degree holder is considered overqualified for the position, but is it true that ExxonMobil will just cap the pay maximum at it and considered you as a diploma holder? I mean like exactly the same?

3. Letís say I donít mind to take on the position and work as an Operations Technician, in future can I use the experience from it to just secure an Engineer job (either from ExxonMobil or other companies)? The experience is counted or not? Will it affect my career progression, in the sense of to working back as an Engineer or will be remain treated as a Technician? Can say that Iím planning to take on Technician job first as a stepping stone for few years to gain hands on experience and get into the OnG industry in Singapore. (To be honest the annual pay is decent enough to beat the pay of Engineer in Malaysia after considering living expenses and currency)

Thank you in advance to anyone who reply.

Mr. K
Are you interested to apply other company?My company now open hiring for this position as well?

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