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Iím the same profile as you. CS grad whoís not very good after coming out of school, doesnít feel confident enough for technical roles so prefer non technical.

Went to one of the Tech MA programmes.

So think about it this way:
1) Spend two years getting paid decent money while TRAINING to be a good software engineer. Doesnít mean you have to be the best , but understand what business wants and how does good code look like.

2) After this x number of years youíve been learning , you can go out and apply to be non-technical roles. No one wants project managers who donít have hands on technical experience or havenít interacted daily with Engineers. Why would they take you over any other non-CS grad?

3) Get Your base salary as high as possible at the start. All future increases will be based on your current drawn. 3K and 4K starting are worlds apart.
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