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Originally Posted by JustAnotherPrimaryTeacher View Post
Such cases I have heard of before indeed. Highly likely the someone is currently a HOD, at GEO 5. There are actually quite a number of younger potential teachers with higher CEP operating in this role.

Do note that HOD does not equate to immediate promotion to SEO. For this 6 year male, he probably had 1 year GEO 2-3, then 5 years spread out from GEO 3-4 (possibly 2 years here) and 4-5 (3 years). And currently he is in a HOD position while holding GEO 5.

Of course this person will be on a fast (more importantly, guaranteed) track towards SEO tier as not many would be considered for that. But I do know of HODs who feel that they are placed on that role as a GEO 5 and feel jaded after a few years as they have not gotten the SEO 1 promotion yet. It's a lot about managing expectations, whether you like middle management (even SH/LH are expected SEOs but with many GEO 5s holding those positions as well), and if you can handle the politics.
My progression is similar, just that it took me a year more, 7 years, to reach geo 5 and be appointed hod. I am not a scholar, in fact I didn't do well in uni. I consider myself a farmer, slogging day in day out. Seo? When it comes, it comes. VP? Hard to say, given the high demand and low supply. Progression and appointment have indeed slowed down over the years. Ps tend to follow the guideline when it comes to pushing people up the leadership track.

Politics? Everywhere. When you are in the exco, you will hear and see more ugly sides of things. But you will also be able to set things right. Depending on your character, there are some who are silent worker and chose not to be in the limelight. And there are others who are clearly more dominating and will not hesitate to take you on/down when disagreements happen. At the end of the day, I think one's RO is critical in his/her progression.
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