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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
What are the hours like?
The hours are not great but not horrendous either. Things tend to be cyclical and you’ll find yourself going home after midnight maybe 20% of the time. You’d generally be off work around 7-8pm 60% of the time and and maybe the last 20% of the time you would be swatting flies and heading off at 6pm after slacking a day away.

Weekends are generally not burnt. I’ve burnt no more than 5 weekends this year. The team will have 4 assocs and 2-3 paralegals, so the work can be shared reasonably amongst us.

Career paralegals make in excess of 10k base salary after about 5 years. Overtime pay can add a lot to this figure, and it’s not unusual for paralegals to break $15,000 in hectic months.

Not a bed of roses, and progressing along this line in the long term would make you a career paralegal which ain’t glam, but there are very lucrative exit options for paralegals in this field (corp sec, trust services etc) if you don’t want to remain a lifelong paralegal.

Cheers! Drop me a PM if keen to explore.
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