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I'm just wondering about their application process and how long they usually take to get back to applicants. I have completed my applications by the video interviews, but now I'm wondering if it's been too long. Recently received an email saying that one of my applications is under review. Does it mean anything, or is it one of those emails companies send to reassure us that they're still in the process of looking through all the resumes and video recordings?

Are there really that many applicants, or are their vacancies no more because of returning interns?

I applied for Compliance (London), Operations (SG) and Global Transaction Banking (SG) if it helps! Sorry for the many questions.

No finance background, no honors Econs major here who's graduating in December 2019. Any career/job applications advice will be greatly appreciated too.
BofA has been pretty late to the game this year... I'm not sure about transaction banking, compliance & ops but I can confirm that IBD has only recently started their interview process. As for Capital Markets I think they've yet begin.
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