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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I know of someone who was confirmed as HOD within 6 years from service and cleared his interview as HOD.

He is a scholar and old boy...

That's fast. With such fast promotion, won't be surprised if his cep is principal level.
Such cases I have heard of before indeed. Highly likely the someone is currently a HOD, at GEO 5. There are actually quite a number of younger potential teachers with higher CEP operating in this role.

Do note that HOD does not equate to immediate promotion to SEO. For this 6 year male, he probably had 1 year GEO 2-3, then 5 years spread out from GEO 3-4 (possibly 2 years here) and 4-5 (3 years). And currently he is in a HOD position while holding GEO 5.

Of course this person will be on a fast (more importantly, guaranteed) track towards SEO tier as not many would be considered for that. But I do know of HODs who feel that they are placed on that role as a GEO 5 and feel jaded after a few years as they have not gotten the SEO 1 promotion yet. It's a lot about managing expectations, whether you like middle management (even SH/LH are expected SEOs but with many GEO 5s holding those positions as well), and if you can handle the politics.

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